Intravenous sedation


Intravenous sedation is a well-established standard of care in oral surgery and implantology. Since these procedures often generate stress and anxiety we offer this safe, and much appreciated, service to make them comfortable and easy to tolerate.

Intravenous sedation is ideal for extraction of teeth, such as wisdom teeth, for placement of dental implants and for other office-based surgical interventions.


Sedation increases comfort by reducing both physical and psychological stress. An added benefit of this technique is to allow the surgeon to provide care in optimal conditions thereby increasing quality and promoting better results. The purpose of sedation is not to achieve general anesthesia; local anesthesia is still required.

Conscious sedation, such as that administered daily in our offices, is an effective, predictable and safe technique. You can trust our team.


The drugs used (ie benzodiazepines and opiates) have an amnestic effect which causes the majority of patients to not even remember the procedure, making them feel like they slept through it. Those who do remember the procedure generally keep only a vague memory of it, without discomfort, pain or stress.


From a safety standpoint, the drugs we use are the most commonly used in the field. Multiple team members are present during the procedure. Vital signs are monitored throughout and, although extremely rare, our surgeons and their team are trained and equipped to handle all emergencies that may arise.