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Extraction of wisdom teeth, placement of dental implants or any other oral surgery procedure can generate stress and anxiety. To ensure your comfort, our qualified team can administer intravenous sedation. The drugs used will allow you to sleep while our surgeons complete your care. You will not remember the operation, which will take place in the comfort and safety of our offices in Brossard and Pointe-Claire.

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Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to develop and they usually erupt in the late teenage years. Most people do not have enough space in their mouth to accommodate those teeth. Therefore, their malposition can lead to complications such as pain, infection, and even cysts or tumours. It is important to monitor their development in order to remove them as soon as a lack of space is identified.

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Artificial teeth can be supported by dental implants that provide stability and strength. These implants are actually screws made from one of the most biocompatible metals that exists, titanium. Thanks to this property, the implant integrates completely within the jawbone. Thus, dental implants are an excellent alternative to bridges on natural teeth, removable partial dentures or even traditional full dentures which are cumbersome, unstable and difficult to clean.

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Some people grow up with misaligned jaws or an improper bite (position of the teeth when they are closed together). This condition can be the result of various causes and can lead to many problems such as difficulty chewing or speaking, and even cause sleep apnea or chronic pain. From the aesthetic point of view, this misalignment of the jaws can even take unsightly forms. Montréal Maxillo-Facial’s surgeons are specialists in orthognathic surgery and they will accompany you carefully throughout your treatments.

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