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Our surgeons provide delicate, expert care.


Your time is precious and specialized care may require multiple visits. We see our patients at their scheduled appointment time more with more than 95% success. We are also dedicated to minimize non-essential visits by communicating promptly and efficiently with you and your dentist. Email, text message, phone; we will respect your preferences!



You don’t need to be referred by a professional to meet us. Several of our patients are referred by family members, by friends and by colleagues who were satisfied with their care. Just contact the office of your choice to schedule a meeting. If we then need your dental file, your medical file or your radiographs we will make the request ourselves.

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First meeting

The consultation appointment with your surgeon and his coordinator generally lasts 30 to 45 minutes. It allows us to meet you, to examine you, to establish a treatment plan and to answer all your questions. It also allows us to book your surgery and follow-up visits, if required, and to give you all necessary prescriptions. To facilitate this first visit we invite you to fill out our medical questionnaire online.



Our renowned expertise give us the opportunity to treat many patients from outside of the greater Montreal. We can assist you with travel and lodging arrangements to ensure the very best care.

Medical questionnaire


Two offices is a tremendous advantage for you. A surgeon is always on site, from Monday to Friday. You can be seen at the office of your choice, at the time of your choice, regardless if your care has begun or not.


Insurance and payment

The treatment plan will include the fees related to your care and the appropriate codes for your dental insurance. That way you will know before treatment which portion is covered by your dental insurance and which portion is your responsibility. We will support you fully with your claims to your insurer. We accept, as forms of payment, cash, debit cards and credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

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